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Animals are far more than just pets; they are friends, companions and members of the family. They deserve the same care and consideration youíd give a loved one -- because they are a loved one. Make sure they know it. Contact us today for a pet care consultation. Itís inexpensive, itís easy and your pet will love you even more for it.

Too often, pet owners simply react to pet health problems. At, we offer solutions that help you take a more proactive approach. And itís not just with traditional veterinary medications and animal health products. In addition to standard pet care practices, we provide a full suite of holistic pet care products from industry leaders such as Amazon Herbs, Young Living Essential Oils and exciting new products from Juice Plus.

Recently we discovered a supplement created by horse people for horse people. All In One Equine Supplement is a proprietary premixed multi-supplement encompassing all aspects of health for the Equine Athlete formulated by Gabriele Sutton. Also check out KLPP, a nutritional product now available, aids animals suffering from gastrointestinal and degenerative inflammatory conditions. KLPP is more than your average pre & pro-biotic. It treats and reduces instances of vomiting, diarrhea, colic, ulcers, IBD, and leaky gut syndrome (increased GI permeability). It also successfully addresses inflammation, pain, and many allergies in animals by treating the underlying causes of poor GI health. KLPP restores healthy gut flora including Saccharomyces boulardii, balances gut pH levels, and reverses dysbiosis while eliminating gut toxicity caused by putrefactive bacteria. This product reduces the occurrences of antibiotic and NSAID induced gastrointestinal side effects. A healthy gut will result in an appropriate immune system and decreased inflammatory responses and keep our patients healthier overall.

A Breakthrough in a NEW Patent Pending Concept for Increasing Energy in the Human Body: LifeWave! The LifeWave patch uses technology that passively interacts with the human body to use more muscle fiber during contraction.

Restore Your Body by eliminating toxins. Our bodies get loaded down with toxins from the foods we eat that have been sprayed with various poisons. As reported in testimonials, The Master's Miracle products not only cleanse the body externally, but internally, as well. The first components are the soaps, which are natural combinations of electrically formulated water and minerals. Many other testimonies suggest, that the neutralizer, when added to your drinking water will wash bacteria and toxins out of the blood stream like an internal detergent.

For information on air and water purification products please contact Dr. John J. Hanover at or Dr. Debra J. Rykoff at As water makes up most of the blood and fluids in the body, it is critical for good health to be drinking good water. Visit to learn more about alkaline water with the ability to reduce inflammation and aid fighting infections.

Taking the best care possible of your pet begins today with a consultation from Click here to get started now.

For an easy to give or take super potent antioxidant and essential fatty acid product all in one, check out Maxxor.

For starters, when you decide on a consultation, pet care and veterinary medications from, you and your pet are in great company. Animals from all walks of life use the products we offer. Chicago area police dogs, search and rescue dogs, horses competing in The North American Young Riders Championship, equine security companies, Medieval Times and race and show horses Ö the list goes on and on. Provides Experience That Benefits You & Your Pet.

John J. Hanover, DVM, has been in private practice helping pets and pet owners just like you for more than a decade. Debra J. Rykoff, DVM, has taken care of dogs, cats, horses and animals of all kinds for more than 17 years. What they know, and during your consultation youíll come to learn, is that pet care, veterinary medicine and animal health products are ever-changing and ever-improving. Their advanced training in veterinary homeopathy, veterinary acupuncture, applied kinesiology (animal chiropractic certified), herbal therapy, essential oil therapy, Reiki therapy and many other cutting-edge disciplines translates to better, more modern veterinary medications and care for your pet.

Contact us by clicking here for a pet care consultation today! supports the work of many local animal rescues. Many animals are not getting the loving care they deserve. Please take a minute to visit, and you will see how easy it is to help an animal live a longer, healthier and happier life!