Magnetics highly recommends the wellness technology products offered through this link. Bookmark this page now to ensure the best pricing and service available for all of your purchases.

To order: Use the button below to reach the company's web site and click on "MY PRODUCTS". We run regular promotions on items we think are especially useful so check back often. When you're ready to order you will be asked for your account ID. If you don't already have an account ID you can get one instantly! Use this ID to make ordering even more convenient!

The top four recommended products from this company are:

  • A balanced and complete joint supplement with the a state-of-the-art formulation that features a unique combination of ingreadents. Excellent for uncomforatable joints and hip problems in people and their pets.
  • Magnetic sole inserts for shoes to help with balance, discomfort and mobility problems so we can keep up with our furry family.
  • A magnetic massage device with 2 silver balls we use to reduce discomfort and relaxing tight muscles.
  • Magnetic Pet Beds - Great for all animals (and our baby, it fits in cribs!), especially our athletic and geriatric friends.