Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.

Wholevet.net highly recommends the dental hygiene products offered by Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. Dental disease is very common in dogs and cats of all ages and can have a huge affect on overall health. Bacterial infections can cause tooth decay and loss or worse, and lead to kidney and heart problems. Plus, this deodorizer is by far the best available. Skunk, cat urine, anything - this Pet Deoderizer beats it! Bookmark this page now to ensure the best pricing and service available for all of your purchases.

To order: Use the button below to reach the Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc.'s Web site and click on "SHOP ONLINE WITH ME" When you're ready to order you will be asked for your account ID. If you don't already have an account ID you can get one instantly! Use this ID to make ordering even more convenient!

The top 6 selling Oxyfresh products through wholevet.net are:

  • Pet oral Hygeine Solution: so easy to use, you just add it to their water bowls daily
  • Primorye Pet: Primorye is a wonderful, broad spectrum adaptagen, antioxidant, and tonic for pets and people. Try the Gold Formula in any stressful situation for instant relief.
  • Pet Gel oral: great for those cats (or any animal) with gingivitis, especially if they don't brush
  • Triplepet Toothbrush- the 3 angles makes it eaiser to brush all surfaces in less time
  • Pet ear cleaner: because you should not use Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Pet deodorizer: #1 in our office and home, plus it is non-toxic