The effect the Immunogenic 2000 from Nexum has on an Animal's immune system

The primary response to therapy from an Immunogenic 2000 is immune system stimulation which in turn promotes healing.

What makes the Nexum Immunogenic 2000 different from other lasers?

It's the mid-infrared wavelength that causes the laser energy to act differently in the cell. The key element as to why laser energy reacts in a different manner at the cellular level is the water or moisture absorption and cell transparency at the various wavelengths. In comparison to all other lasers, the Immunogenic 2000 is unique.

In other common lasers, wavelengths of .6 microns to 1 micron are basically impervious to water. Their water absorption coefficient is about .1, therefore their laser energy passes through the water content of the cell with minimal loss. Detrimentally, it is the cell itself that absorbs the laser energy at these wavelengths.

In the Immunogenic 2000, which operates at 2 microns, the opposite occurs. The water content of the cell absorbs the laser energy with an absorption coefficient of 100. Therefore, absorption of the laser energy is accomplished in the upper layer of cells. The cell itself is transparent to the laser energy.

For common lasers to achieve penetration with wavelengths at .6 to 1 micron, higher power is required as the cell absorbs the laser energy. Greater penetration requires more laser energy. This is why cell damage can occur by use of these wavelengths.

Since the Immunogenic 2000 relies upon water absorption, the wavelength used is absorbed by water by a factor of 1000. For this reason the unit is extremely effective at a very low power level, eliminating cell damage. Additionally, the pulsed energy of the Immunogenic 2000 at our low power level disallows the water temperature to elevate, which could cause cell damage.

The Immunogenic 2000 is a Class 1 Eye Safe laser. Since it operates at a mid-infrared wavelength as opposed to other lasers, the light is absorbed at or near the surface and does not penetrate the retina. It is interesting to note that the sun's light at this wavelength never reaches the earth's surface since it is totally absorbed in the atmosphere by water vapor and carbon dioxide.

Therapeutic Applications:

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